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Innovative telematics Vehicle Tracking Solutions is dedicated in making sure your security works at its full potential providing round the clock customer support across the world, our coverage spread all over the country. With the vehicle tracking tools we are dedicated to run your security at maximum efficiency and continued to flourish with technological advancement and excellent customer service.

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To provide most advanced, fully integrated, comprehensive, innovative vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions by evaluating the needs of our customers.

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GPS Trackers for Any Need
Innovative telematics is a GPS/GSM vehicle tracking device that integrated in Innovative telematics solutions for real-time for individual tracking, covert tracking, vehicle and fleet management, boat tracking, planes, car tracking, fleet monitoring and management, dispatch, driver safety, and more.

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As a result, Innovative trlrmatics offers satellite based vehicle tracking solutions with most upgraded and innovative features via SMS/GIS/GSM and GPRS communication interface.

Innovative software

As a licensed GPS tracking software service provider you will have everything you need to launch your own business. Business demand for GPS tracking services is increasing.

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Market Leader with 31k+ Users

Innovative Telematics has over 100k users all around the world. Over 500 customers started their own tracking business with Innovative Telematics.


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Innovative Telematics has over 31k customers
from all around world.

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Innovative telematics Perfect for personal use or small company.
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Contact our experts by live chat, or email — however you prefer. Check out our website for the option to chat online with our Experts. Any day to reach 24×7 Expert Support.

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Easily track your car, bike, kids, husband,
wife, pet etc.

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Free Support for Device’s and software updates.

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Contact with us and start tracking in less than 5 minute.

Various Sensors

Add sensors and accessories for better monitoring of your vehicle’s.

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“I got what i want!”

Inovative telematics supply our vehicle fleet with tracking software, the software is not only user friendly but the service we receive is always first class, which is paramount in a fast paced operation

“Just few words!”

Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the tracking system we had fitted to our vehicles. We have been using the system for over 2 years now. It provides us with the information we require to getting the updates on our vehicles. Any support that has been required has always been dealt with efficiently and we would not hesitate to recommend you to other people

“Great tracking service”

Since taking the vehicle tracking option with Inovative Telematics, we have found their level of service to be exemplary, they keep us well informed of any updates etc to the site, any problems are sorted quickly & efficiently


Benefits of our Vehicle Tracking Systems

  • If the driver knows that the vehicle is fitted with a tracking devise they will become very aware of their speed, punctuality, fuel use and general driving behaviour.
  • This will improve the drivers Time keeping and can be used to check the time sheets.
  • It will reduce unnecessary mileage due to taking the “long way round”.
  • It will highlight any unauthorised vehicle usage at weekends and evenings.
  • Reduce excessive lunch breaks.
  • It will show if the driver has been sat in the cab with the engine running thus wasting fuel.
  • You can get an email alert if a driver exceeds a speed limit that you specify and if a vehicle either leaves or enters a predetermined area that could be a depot a town or county or even a country.
  • It is easy to verify that any overtime claimed was done and will in most cases increase the productivity of that worker.
  • The system is easy to use and needs no additional software as it is internet based and uses Google mapping.
  • The hardware is the latest GPS technology and has a sim card in it to use GPRS or the mobile phone internet to transfer is data from the vehicle.


Reasons to Use Our Vehicle Tracking System

We install GPS tracking devises into vehicles of all types on a nationwide basis. We fit to plant mainly to guard against theft, but it is also used to monitor when the machine is being used.


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